Mount Sandel

Mount Sandel
Mount Sandel, Co. Derry -Mesolithic Man

View the clip below and answer the questions that follow:


1. Where is Mount Sandel located?

What town is it near? What river is beside it?

2. What is the name of the archaeologist who discovered the importance of the Mount Sandel site? In what year did he discover it?

3. How different was the Mount Sandel area when the archaeologist discovered the importance of the site in 1973?

4. What had attracted the attention of archaeologists to this site (“over the years”)?

5. What was the first thing the archaeologists discovered when they went to work on the site?

6. What kinds of remains‟ did the archaeologists discover?

7. How do the archaeologists know that people lived at Mount Sandel 10,000 years ago?

8. What small thing does the archaeologist describe as “the key to unlocking our past”?

9. What is the name of the dating method described by the archaeologist Emily Murray?

10. What is the name of the machine used by Emily Murray in the film clip?

11. What explanation of how the dating method works is given by Emily Murray?

12. Why does the other archaeologist describe this machine as “cutting edge technology”?

13. What kind of homes did the people at Mount Sandel live in, according to the archaeologists?

14. According to the presenter, why is it important for us to know about sites such as Mount Sandel.

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